When Duncan delivers a keynote speech, he mixes certain ingredients. He adds a couple of handfuls of Inspiration, a couple of tablespoons of education and entertainment and then stuffs it with content. He makes it unique and at the same time contemporary and then rounds it off with a dusting of over 15 years of experience.

You are left with a highly experienced, easy-to-work-with speaker who is an global authority on creativity and influence.

Some of Duncan’s most popular speaking topics are:


“The ‘Magic’ Of Business Creativity”

Having spent over 15 years as a professional mentalist and creative consultant it seems a natural progression for Duncan to have established himself as a global creativity speaker. In this content-rich keynote your team and leaders will learn how to apply Duncan’s Unique Creativity Model™ to unlock your creative potential and ability to innovate to give you the edge in business.

Duncan also shares the unique creativity techniques he uses as a mentalist and creative consultant to generate, evaluate, develop and implement more ideas, more quickly. You will also learn the behavioral science behind leading innovative teams and the practical strategies you can employ to empower your team to increase innovation ROI.


“Mastering Effective Influence”

As the founder and CEO of the Influence Association and author of the best-selling book Effective Influence, Duncan is widely regarded as one of the worlds leading authorities on influence and persuasion. Prior to helping companies influence and persuade more effectively, Duncan was performing his influence and persuasion mentalism show around the world. In this popular keynote, Duncan lifts the lid on some of the influence and persuasion strategies he uses in his shows with live demonstrations on stage. He shares how these skills can be applied in your own organisation to move the needle on your own influence and persuasion abilities. Duncan shares not only how to act but what to say to become more persuasive and more effective in your work and private lives.


“Transform Your Leadership”

In this powerful and inspiring keynote that Duncan has delivered to leaders and c-suite executives around the world, he shares some of the transformational techniques to take your leadership abilities to the next level. Duncan shares his easy-to-apply Effective Influence Model that is being used by some of the top leadership teams today.

He also reveals the simple yet incredibly effective behavior strategies for handling challenging individuals. Best of all you learn the influential leadership language which will allow you to empower, engage and motivate.

The Booking Process To Secure Duncan For Your Next Event

1. Contact Duncan or his team

Contact Duncan through his contact page. Duncan prides himself on being an easy-to-work-with-speaker. Schedule a no-obligation discovery call to check his availability, discuss your requirements and see how he can help.

2. Define your requirements

After the call or enquiry, Duncan can then send you through his fees, confirm availability and make a start on customising his speech for your event.

3. Booking contract and confirmation

Duncan or his team will send you a contract. He asks for a 50% deposit and the balance paid 30 days before the start of the event. He will work with you to accommodate all your needs and requirements.


4. Peace of mind for your event

Now you can relax knowing that hired one of the world’s best sales speakers who will deliver on your objectives and inspire, educate and motivate your team leaving you to be congratulated for organising a great event.



Initial speech bubble

Duncan came to one of our events where we bring our leadership together from around our offices. The keynote he delivered went above my expectations. The whole of the executive team got a ton of really great insights and left inspired to adopt different approaches. I can really see these creativity and influence strategies helping to raise their game and look forward to bringing Duncan back again for the rest of our leadership team.

Deborah Wiley

Second speech bubble

We hired Duncan for our sales kick-off in May having read his Influence book. We had a large audience of sales guys with a lot of experience between them. Duncan really elevated the bar in terms of what we could be doing differently. He tailored it all to our organization and the delegates left with notebooks full of practical tips, tools, and techniques they could put into place immediately. It was extremely entertaining too! 

Richard Southern

Third speech bubble

After the last few years of economic and industry turmoil, we have had to make a number of quite big changes to our organization in terms of structure. We brought Duncan in to restore some confidence and steady the ship with his change management keynote. I have to say, I was originally a bit skeptical but was blown away by his insights, content, and quality of his delivery. People really left feeling a lot more assured and confident.

Greg Holt


Duncan Stevens’ Showreels For His Keynote and Effective Influence Book

Duncan’s extended showreel. This gives you an insight into Duncan’s keynote speech.

Accelerate your creativity and innovation.

Duncan’s best-selling Effective Influence book showreel.